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绪川里绪|国检特供酒Standing in the perspective of the onlooker, cao cao's face is really not too big.On the street of the market, lv bu took diao cicada and liu yun out together, accompanied the two girls shopping, these days have been busy for disaster relief, stay for a few days, the first month over, snow melt, they will go to hetao, rare leisure down, they accompanied the two wives out to relax."Have you chosen a better day?" Lyu3 bu4 nods, to marry princess, he is not too resistance, before the delay is not willing to marry, also is because of diao cicada pregnancy, although diao cicada has never had half a complaint to oneself, but lyu3 bu4 also want to take care of the feelings of diao cicada.

"General, it doesn't matter if you scold us, but the whole thing will be over. The han people will definitely watch us or kill us directly. It doesn't matter if we are dead. Kun mu looked at akuli and whispered.Twenty years, is too long, grow to be a lot of people can't live even at that time, and the situation in the central plains, is absolutely not the twenty years of waiting, the changes of the world situation, will be named the tetrarch battle won the battle of guandu, in giffin point of view, it won't be long, cao cao is no hay to support the war indefinitely delay, so the time in the giffin seems quite urgent.Tu's military forces have been Biao ride a battalion of morale, the king of tu's being struck at the moment, the devil is three hundred, where there is resistance, grasslands, for national concept is very weak, the strong for honour truth has almost on every grassland people inside, for lyu3 bu4 struck tu the king, in addition to some tu the confidant of the king of also want to resistance, most tu every one of them is laid down their weapons and toward the lyu3 bu4 devout worship down, this is the law of the prairie, the strong for the king!绪川里绪|Looked behind him, a face of serious four girls, but there are four ugly ghost behind him, along the way, do not know how many people cast envious eyes, but pang tong is not happy, came to a cold restaurant.

绪川里绪|"I need to know the general information about these qiang generals. Can general lee tell me who are some of them?" Li ru not anxious not slow looking at li kan said with a smile.Atmosphere, for a time become awkward rise, for a long time, zhaoyun some awkward way: "have not thanked the girl to save the grace."

This year, cao cao integrates the central plains, the year after lyu3 bu4 Pi under defeat, established a foundation in harmony again cold, liu bei defeated again this year, ran to the lombardi, this year, yuan, sun ce, continuous died two governors, one is a miracle, living be grieve, another is a young hero, cowardly to death in his own house, result is not very good, don't go for through the ages, starcraft the governors of failure on the road all over the world, seems to have few to end well."Let us go home, madam." Zhou cang a face of black line looking at a pair of king of the mountain dress lu lingqi."Quick, go east! The side of the liu meng see shape hurriedly loudly openings shout: "before the fire spread over, must rush out of this meadow!"绪川里绪|




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