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折叠屏医院网站托管Liu bei's eyes flash across the color of a bit complicated, lyu3 bu4, has grown to the point, just took a deep breath for a long time, seriously thinking about this problem, eventually look to an way: "if have to choose, promised to him, in the north, for his brother, is a good thing, at the moment to crusade between cao yuan lu bu, if lyu3 bu4 demise, once the tie between yuan cao, I'm afraid is the northern army enemy at the gate, if lu bu able to block cao yuan, for his brother, is a free and do nothing.""Die, shameless boy! < / p > < p > through the gap, has seen the outside of the city to kill the army here, han rong can not help but roar, to fight pound horse dance gun.Hearing this, yuan shang and others turned ugly and looked at all the generals. Yuan shang smiled sadly and shook his head and said, "zhang liao is a brave man.

"The camp which still have what soldier horse, that horse super tied a few sheep on the drum to make lamb double hoofs beat the drum, I wait outside the camp found a lot of traces." "The general sighed."Wen he's words, cloth should be remembered." Lv bu solemnly nodded, to jia xu shen voice way: "this matter, cloth when cut in line, if the true matter can not breach...... "Chapter 41 jingxiang fengyun (iv)折叠屏"This...... "Yuan shang eyebrows slightly wrinkled, some don't like in the heart, shake head a way:" lyu3 bu4 is now turtles in a jar, our army and jun will be trapped in here, can at any time, but he first Ann, outside busy if I wait for the internal division, even expulsion lyu3 bu4, how in the future and the Cao Caodou, Mr Don't watch out, the cao cao on the back, clear plot?"

折叠屏"Brother zhou, long time no see." Keats glanced at the girls assembled in the yard, and said with some complaint, "master, how can these girls be trained like you?"'stand down! Cao cao shouted again."As long as meng jin is in hand, CAI MAO's back road will be in our hands, not afraid that they will not issue provisions to us." Sima lang laughed and said, "the tiger prison is unbreakable. Meng jin must be in our hands."

"What crime is there in not passing three days?" Lu lingqi said with a smile, look at ganning behind a group of water thieves, as the daughter of lu bu, and after the battle, the eye is not bad, just a look, although not really played, but also can see, ganning brought this horse is elite, with a ganning like fierce gas."Big son, go." Looking at liu biao's back, huang zhong malicious cruel, pulled liu qi has jumped into the dry well.However, if it is further expanded, Confucianism, jurisprudence, Yin and Yang, mohism and so on all have the shadow of these things.折叠屏




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