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黄内增|找药网With the small school commanded, five hundred arrows cluster in an instant cut through the void, with a piercing screaming down, just rushed out of the fire of the huns fighters, haven't had time to enjoy the air of freedom, was ruthless arrows nailed to death in the sea of fire."Master, will be at the end of the order of seibel and general wei yan to assist general zhou cang migration population, now in hanoi in addition to huai county, other county population has moved out of hanoi, will be at the end of the special to meet with master." Chen xing to lyu3 bu4 interposed."Er..." Listen to each other's mouth popped out of Chinese, lyu3 bu4 startled at the woman, tentatively asked: "Han people? Recognize me?"

But lyu3 bu4 more can't look at these men to die with their lives, they need to vent, then take the huns to vent, in short, can't go to harm the han people."Bold!" Zhou Cang face a change, his face spread a ferocious, ferocious staring at the woman."Elder clan, there are two Han people outside. They say that they are friends of the elders, and they have sent them to pay homage to them." A warrior came in and handed a copy of bamboo paper to Yang Wang.黄内增|"Let's go!" Lyu3 bu4 waved, keep these people here, is to let them see the granary was burned, let the horse superbirth not a fluke in the heart.

黄内增|"Clean the battlefield!" Looked at the wreckage, lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, let people clean the battlefield, not dead people make up a knife, also calculate let them die a happy."Chief, we want to live..." A huns warrior suddenly snapped, lightning will be in the hands of machetes suitcase santa."Chen qun see wen hou." Below the hall, a personable scholar smiled and gave lyu3 bu4 a little gift.

...Larocca has been fighting from the west gate, hundreds of west cool fighters with Xiao kill breath, like a torrent of kill to the south gate where Ma Tie is.Near the herdsmen have changed color, this is the situation will be there, don't those damn huns and call?黄内增|




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