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闵梦雪蔓妮韵官方网站When the tiger was locked up, Lyu3 bu4 mighty, To be number one in the world, the name of valor is unparalleled, At that time lombardi to preserve strength, let two people supervise hay, Failed to catch up with the war, after every mention of lyu3 bu4, there is always disobedience, later lyu3 bu4 had a period of time to lombardi, two people want to take the opportunity to challenge, but at that time both sides are friends, lyu3 bu4 new arrivals, also not too offended lombardi love, is to have been unable to world war I, now heard of opportunity to meet lyu3 bu4, have to rise up."Our original plan is basically sound enough. Since ancient times, migrants have been guided and suppressed. In the final analysis, we have been guided and deterred by the army. So far, the results have been quite good." Lyu3 bu4 natural impossibility before the idea directly said, said nothing, that is not their own face.Since the fall of Guan Yu, Although cao cao is quite kind, but guan yu is always looking for liu bei, cao cao hate and love, cao cao most admired is loyalty, the more guan yu to liu bei loyalty, cao cao also more admired guan yu, but the same reason, guan yu is now in cao camp, but not really to their own, fold let cao cao is very angry.

At, freeze smell speech, face can not help but a change, subconsciously looked at cao cao.One from the arrow bag out of an arrow, in front of the armed forces soldiers, the arrow broken, and then turned the horse's head, snapped: "withdraw!""Monseigneur, wait a minute!" A marquis surprisingly pulled zhong yao, pointing to a few foot soldiers in the river: "adult look, the river is not deep, adult riding, can cross the river."闵梦雪"Oh?" Guan Yu looked at the coppage and nodded. "But it doesn't hurt to say," he said.

闵梦雪"Kill me?" Han Sui smell speech, can not help laughing, but eyes gradually chilled down: "wait for ShouCheng brother can walk out of the gate, again to say this big words! Put the arrow!""I know, but Mei county must go, not only from the west cool nearest, and candidates are likely to go here, he must have extra hay there!" D eyes, flashing a faint cold flame, The west cool army to attack, Forty thousand troops, Unexpectedly failed to break a small huaili city, not only so, but also let the enemy bypass the enemy, broken hay, when those from Mei county fled back to the west cool army will tell d, d knew he lost the battle, lost very humiliated, also very puzzled, lyu3 bu4 exactly when, appeared in their rear?

"Back?" D twisted his head and looked coldly at Ma Dai: "Do we still have a way back?"Cao cao saved the son of heaven at the beginning, want to take the post of general, why finally under the pressure of lombardi, general sent out?Sadly, hard to buy early know, now jincheng, nearly eight thousand garrison captured in the city, many people don't even understand what happened, has become a lyu3 bu4 captive, Yang Qiu is carried out in his quilt by the male broad sea.闵梦雪




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