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跃霸音乐世界贝思兰"Lord." < / p > < p > Yang song walked two steps forward, came to zhang lu side, a face of worry to look at zhang lu said: "guanzhong strong, our army reinforcements is arrived, not necessarily its opponent, as...... "< / p > < p > only when found the inn, before zheng small equivalent people know what so ridiculed them, the chang 'an city inn, is not the general expensive, and wei zheng and others rely on their identity, or choose a first-class restaurant, a person a night of accommodation is thousands of dollars.

Especially in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the navy, lyu3 bu4 specially sent a craftsman in the bohai sea navy, and after have made a lot of warship design drawings, especially lyu3 bu4 keel to instill the concept of down, after a year of trial, with the first batch of keel, ships had been built the gan ning navy combat effectiveness is more better.Lyu3 bu4 is actually very hopes of a peaceful solution to the central plains, unify, is that for the central plains people, is definitely a great news, but now, the original idea or some take it for granted, lyu3 bu4 side while improving the position of vendors, but in warfare, but is still predominantly agricultural, and unable to unrest in its basic economic penetration way, in this case, to unify the central plains, in the end still can't avoid the first world war."Your lordship speaks very strongly." Behind the curtain, gurgle music, do not hear a bit of fluctuation, light voice spread: "line have line rules, good at asking state affairs, it is taboo, others can touch, but we, must not touch!"跃霸音乐世界As jizhou zhang liao sent troops to ye city, cao cao, who was busy restoring internal affairs and local civil administration, suddenly became as big as a battle. The battle report ahead had not yet come.

跃霸音乐世界The fishing rod suddenly shook up, zhou yu mouth mouth with a faint smile, the fish hooked.Chapter 13 the liaodong navy"How does that make sense? How can you be a bad man even if you don't agree with politics?" < / p > < p > liu xie smell speech can not help but be frightened and pale, fu is pale, surprised to cao cao.

"The report ~"Originally jia xu was able to win, but jia xu unconsciously led lu bu to set, and finally hit a draw."Bang bang bang ~"跃霸音乐世界




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