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霖之秀|力歌胶囊At that time, even if it is already working with lyu3 bu4 secretly have reached many of jiangdong, sun quan also made a similar means at this time, even with leading such guan yu, zhang fei, liu bei is also forced to strengthen the side guard, in the assassination, and proves that under the condition of battlefield in Athens in the attempt, does not necessarily yes, because they have no.For the governors of the central plains, lyu3 bu4 and under counsellors have predicted, cao cao, liu bei, britons horses move does not affect the mood of lyu3 bu4, these are the things as early as expected, and moved to luoyang, the battle of JiZhou successfully attract the attention of the three road governors, to this point, his goal is half the battle, as for whether can achieve the desired results, after see pang tong wei yan with the skill, to his delight, schaaf today finally being sent from waterways changan."Subordinates know, of course, but... Zhao bantou distressed took a look at this group of bald gourd, heart full of malice, wry smile way: "this help hu monk insisted on protecting that murderer, even at the cost of stick block, I...... No match."

"Return! < / p > < p > ma qiu hate stare majestic one eye, riding back to run, and high pet neck and neck, constantly forced to guan yong, people have not arrived, ma qiu a hook club, hook to guan yong club.Say that finish, also ignore liu xie's facial expression of shame anger, take everybody to walk straight away.This time, liu bei not zhuge liang's suggestion, and the fields to buckle down, other shops, all manor is for those who advocate their own small family, the lands, liu bei although can't imitate lyu3 bu4 hoopla, but in nanyang grope for many years, have their own a set of treatment method, the fields to the guan yu, zhang fei, but in private, but still belongs to liu bei.霖之秀|Wei yan mouth corners a lie, hey however way: "your grandpa!" Voice just fell, the big knife in the hand has fallen, in the blood spray, a head in the hanzhong soldiers frightened voice fly up, since the other side did not guard against, it is not necessary to cheat the city, a knife cut off the other side's head, wei yanyi le war horse, harsh shouted: "soldiers, with me!

霖之秀|"Don't worry, brother wencheng did a lot, CAI MAO's people did not follow up, but brother wencheng before around the city, it is easy to arouse suspicion." Kuai more twist a head to see zhang yun one eye, smile way.The three cleaned up and went out the door.As zhang liao's words fell, the trumpeter began to blow his horn and watched with satisfaction as xia houyuan, who was charging towards the camp, frowned and looked up, only to see that someone had taken down the flag of cao jun and raised it on behalf of lv bu.

"No thanks." Lv bu sat up straight and looked at Yang fu: "yi shan, today I was in the ground but see you, you side of the two young people, is it jiangdong emissary?""Poof ~" three personal soldiers did not have time to close to be wei yan a knife sweep fly, followed by a knife to provoke a personal soldiers to the crowd in a throw, the personal soldiers hit down a piece, the other personal soldiers dare not force the enemy, subconscious move aside, was wei yan easily killed break the siege.Gently close the door, lv bu began a day of morning exercise.霖之秀|




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