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张扬导演我爱你|代办消防"Buzzing ~"Get out, of course, in time, After all, even if the trenches were flooded, in terms of the depth of the trenches, it is impossible to drown, but don't forget, pound already sent a lot of crossbowmen wait on it, some jingzhou soldiers watched the river flow in, regardless of how much thought, instinctively climbed out of the trenches, but to meet them, is a cold arrow cluster."He can't get away!" Tracing the cause of sneer at 1, looked to qu acheng way: "let he qi after the qu, on the spot, others follow me chase guan yu!"

"Whew ~"Inside?张扬导演我爱你|"No way!" Wu Jin unbelieving look to the outside of the account, but see a general with a head in, to lu zheng bowed down: "less master, wu jin troops have been defeated by our army, thief head wu chao has ambush, the rest are down."

张扬导演我爱你|"Recall, down the village, wait for the army to come, send someone to cut down all the trees around me, too obstructing!" Wei nodded, The confrontation just now can only be regarded as a test of the two sides, As Deng Xian said, the old man did have a few kilos of skill, coupled with familiarity with the terrain and military strength, Wild fight, Wei Yan not afraid, But judging from the topography of Dianjiang, The advantage of the crossbow is not much to be had here, Just stuck in a depression and dianjiang contact, no matter how far his range, but can be used in the battlefield, more than a hundred steps away, the other side of the bow and arrow can also shoot, forcibly attack, will only let him under the elite needless consumption, it is better to wait for pang tong army arrived, attack again."We can't go on fighting like this, or we'll have to run out of people before we can reach the wall of Nanyang City!" Ezra pound point a map, he station troops here for nearly half a month, mediocre, new town two county shortcuts, he is now difficult to walk, how much let him some disobeyed, although here is the main force, but shooting camp how to say is also one of the five elite lyu3 bu4, how can let a person to compare?Silent street, a young man with five hundred guanzhong elite, will block them in the road, young body neck long, eyebrows with a thin vigor, holding a silver gun, horizontal gun immediately block in front of the people, will hand gun a lead, lang track: "west cool horse autumn here, wait for the usurper, don't catch!"

Some words, Just now it was not convenient to tell Liu Xie in the court, Lyu3 bu4 king, now came the news, lyu3 bu4 sent pang tong, wei yan has taken shu, now lyu3 bu4 has occupied half of the mountains, and with chengdu was classified under, population is no longer lyu3 bu4 short board, plus the guanzhong these years of development, lyu3 bu4 now has the strength to sweep the world."Bao ~ Jingzhou victory!" At this time, camp suddenly sounded a long long cry, a dusty jingzhou soldiers rushed into the camp a face of excitement, was stopped, mouth is still excited tunnel.张扬导演我爱你|




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