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隋唐演义电视剧剧情介绍|郁敏Blood began to diffuse in front of the barracks, imagined the situation also did not appear in the eyes of zhang fei, the guanzhong army after throwing away the crossbow, morale was not the slightest low, but exceptionally fierce, two military forces hit in one place, hidden, instead is his five thousand soldiers have been divided."Dead!" Zhang fei some incredible, that sand mo ke ability he knows, and he fought, also can support a 40 or 50, wei martial arts is good, but zhang fei estimates that the most also with sand mo ke between bozhong, how can be so quickly killed by wei?"Here!" Milan promised, led a team of military forces, bypassing He Qi is master's east gate, mixed into the south auxiliary siege team launched a fierce attack.

"Sound the trumpet!" Zhang fei cold hum 1, and did not give the order to retreat, but life blew up the horn.Before he left, he had left a book to tell liu bei, jiangdong, all things have to endure, but he didn't expect, sun quan will kill Chen to, guan ping, one is liu bei rely on the general, one is liu bei's son, guan yu's son."Master, will be at the end of the battle!" Tardif, zhou tai qi qi step out, proudly way.隋唐演义电视剧剧情介绍|Ma Su looks a little ugly, Lv Zheng also ignored him, continued: "If I were you, since the purpose is to capture me, that after talking about some families, will immediately attack, will not give me so long time to prepare, and you are in order to be safe, must take all thirty thousand troops, chengdu although new, but after all this is my lv's territory, how can you take it easy to deploy? This is a second defeat."

隋唐演义电视剧剧情介绍|Xie yun roared, drawing his sword to the king."Yes." The general took over a bowl of tea, Looking up and drinking, excited way: "jiangdong water army although fierce, but if the land war, but still I jingzhou army stronger, master shrink line of defense, but is to bring jiangdong water army to land, just like those jiangdong dog thief attack to general Chen, master will shrink the front to lie in the area of ox mountain, at the same time ordered people to send a letter to jun xu."

"Lyu3 bu4 can have today, but the sword to go partial, not lasting, lyu3 bu4 is too strong, day after day, will eat the evil fruit! Scholar yuan don't want to forget the death of Qin II. Zhuge liang shook his head, to deal with lyu3 bu4, he had a special understanding of lyu3 bu4, and even personally went to changan, of course, know changan, but lyu3 bu4 foreign attitude, not to play, with various means from foreign wealth, over time, nature will cause public anger."Little lord!" After Cheng Fang left, Guan Yong came to Lu Zheng's side: "Everything has been arranged.""Oh ~" Lv Zheng heard the wind, directly turned around and kicked out a foot, xie cheng somehow is also a martial arts background, a martial arts don't say how good, but Deng Xian ten big fellow are hard to get close to, at the moment is kicked by lv Zheng upside down, the burly body flew out more than a zhang to fall down, the chest whole depression, see is not alive.隋唐演义电视剧剧情介绍|




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