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陇泽罗拉|牧豆咖啡片Cao cao (though failed to produce even crossbows, but these years, cao cao has been improving the crossbow, cooperate with some captured lyu3 bu4 strong crossbow study over there, cao cao hands now although not many innovative things, but the han dynasty of rhubarb crossbow, the most powerful three catapult can reach four hundred steps, is two catapult range has exceeded two hundred steps, although is single, and the loading was also more difficult, but at least on the range, can suppress the crossbow.Chapter 22 the assassinationIf asked to wild goose cabinet which girl the most red, I'm afraid for over a year ago the nightingale girl, piano chess calligraphy and painting master, voice tactfully, unknowingly fall, although for a long time, are fine gauze covered face, have never seen her face, but in this Xu Changcheng, don't know how many romantic for dumping to celebrities, to see its appearance, regardless of the dream.

All rounders!"Sure enough! Looking at the pigeon legs tied to the bamboo tube, xia houyuan from the inside out a note, sneer, the note will be opened.< / p > < p > four or five chong cheng car was pushed over, a team of cao jun began to charge zhang liao's direction with a shield.陇泽罗拉|"General rao life, I wish to surrender!" Seeing the situation in the city gradually clear, many of the soldiers have knelt down to wei yan surrender.

陇泽罗拉|Late at night, yecheng quietly opened the door, three thousand yecheng elite quietly appear in the outside, like the ghost to three outside touch to the walls of the place of the arrow, across the darkness, Zhao De standing on the wall, although the dark can't see anything, but still kept staring at, this battle, relationship spent the jizhou attribution, the future of yecheng, ain't he's not careful."Chief, who are those people?" The soldier, red-cheeked with cold, prodded mumber in the side of the eye, and pointed to the line approaching slowly. It was a fripperous day."After the noble family." Lv bu nods: "do not know which door?"

They did not even know how many soldiers and horses could be mobilized around chang 'an under lv bu's command. Although there were five units, where were they stationed at ordinary times and how many troops were in each unit? How many troops did zhang liao and gao shun have? It seems that in the end, apart from knowing something about the city guard, no other effective information was obtained, let alone knowing the daily strength of chang 'an city. Along the way, wu pass, shangluo, lantian, even if we can break these barriers, when the time to kill chang 'an, how many troops left, and so longThe hussars rode to the council.Court must be equally to the school, religion, as for Chinese schools will be outside the school or religious force, lyu3 bu4 can only say, damn, who also can't save lives, ebb tide, to be eliminated, only that you are not competitive, lyu3 bu4 need is gold, is to be able to guide the national progressive spirit culture, rather than the past, the essence of foreign literature as a disaster, there is competition there is progress, lyu3 bu4 don't believe, shenzhou above the earth, so many schools of thought and their exponents, dry but foreign school."Well!" Zhao class head already hold a stomach gas, smell words li drink, a group of official have drawn a knife, harsh voice way: "go away!"陇泽罗拉|




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