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佐罗 西班牙|康掌柜Pang tong nodded his head in a rare way and admitted, "kongming is not bad at all. Moreover, he did not vote for cao cao or seek sun quan, but sought a ruined prince like liu bei to prove his ability to the world. I cannot lose him!"If let other governors know lyu3 bu4 will eliminate down to do the large number of high-quality personnel, estimated at heart will collapse, now both cao and liu bei are hiring to military buildup, lyu3 bu4 such practices in gone with some wonderful work, but can't, the guanzhong military production has already let the soldiers and equipment almost every year in succession, advanced equipment and eventually let the soldiers fighting to get quality, like d, zhaoyun before his face an equal amount of jun, jun can almost intact to take down, even belong to the local army zhang liao army, in the face of the main xh, It also occupies an absolute advantage, which is the terror of the elite policy, lv bu has the courage to carry out the elite policy at the same time, let his troops under the combat effectiveness not down but increase.

"For shield! The archers fight back!" Yang bo, Yang ang issued an order at the same time, but its slow horse."Commander, this is not a good thing!" A close guard blundered blunt come in, sad li way: "someone take advantage of the chaos to CAI fu projection fire tank, then ignite, CAI fu fire has been unable to contain!""Hiss ~" an instant, the hiss voice in white horse camp great work, have never seen so shameless, 5 people run out to challenge somebody else 1, return so a pair of like to want to fight alone zhaoyun appearance say of so reasonable and unashamed.佐罗 西班牙|"Ding ~" in a clear sound, dagger off, nighthawk kneeling on the ground, did not raise his head, but also did not continue to die.

佐罗 西班牙|"Try to shoot some down!" Zhao DE cold snort, he felt that these white birds must be unusual, but can not think of these white birds will have what use.Hundreds of who, as CAI commanded, roared from all directions, rushed into the house of kuai isn't high walls, simply stop these peak sexually ducale, kuai home also have assume widely, but in the face of brutal CAI who, on these fundamental not assume how widely the opponent on the battlefield, immediately killed shaky, someone want to surrender, but CAI has the killing, whether men or women, old or young, kuai home, as long as it is the living, you have to kill.Keeps uniform speed, the history of sudden acceleration in this moment, his fast, fast to let the nighthawk also some overwhelmed, two short shot empty at the same time, the history has been close to, empty hands I do not know when more than a sword, in the midday sun, reflect the dazzling light, without hesitation to lu bu.

Cao cao silently nodded and looked at the crowd and said regretfully, "it is a pity that I have been in jingxiang for several years. ""Good!" < / p > < p > two generals agreed to a sound, the teachers of the law with ma tie straight to the direction of wang yecheng taishoufu, another army is quickly touch the wall, along the way, every encounter patrol soldiers, is a burst of arrows down, but after all, near the wall of the time, or by the guard soldiers found."The nighthawk sees his master." In the shadow in hall, a figure appears stealthily, the woman of clothes of a gray color appears stealthily before lv bu body, one knee kneel.佐罗 西班牙|




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