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甘孜州刘华|兰冠清爽露With the order of tai shi ci, a soldier with a head appeared on the bank of the river."Ha ~" liu zhang helplessly laughed up, sounded outside Shouting kill sound, although the people want, but still have so a number of people chose to resist, even if this resistance, at this time has no meaning.But, liu2 bei4 also know if he is gone, right now, that the union was finished, with cao cao never break in luoyang, and governors was severely beaten face, and the next will be in a very negative political position, lyu3 bu4 self-styled king, this is basically a consensus, at that time, but no one can stop lyu3 bu4, and governors has lost the trust between want again alliance is impossible.

< / p > < p > guan yu did not understand, lv bu how much charm, actually let these hu gan when cannon fodder, people can see, lv bu is to use these cannon fodder to consume jingzhou army's spirit, if the city or those shooting camp soldiers, guan yu himself have no confidence to attack the wall.'who's out there! ?" The sound of joy in the room stopped, liu zhang some angry voice sounded."He... Why so angry?" Liu zhang puzzled to see meng da."Er... Little things, I'll explain." Meng da patted his head, dark strange pang tong did not put the man tied up, originally prepared to wait for the end of the matter, and then privately explain, now it seems that must be quickly clear, or god knows what will happen in the end.甘孜州刘华|"That is the order of the Lord, should we dare not obey." Pang tong heard a tone of relief, now he wants to follow zhuge liang, the most afraid is someone from the side of the finger, although lv zheng was raised by lv bu elite way to cultivate, but now but ten years old, and the identity is special, if let him to master, inevitably constrained.

甘孜州刘华|"General, go! Xing daorong heard the sound of singing gold, suddenly such as meng amnesty, then play, I'm afraid today I have to explain here."Less Lord, jingzhou army has entered shu, I am afraid I will leave chengdu soon, but chengdu is new, please less Lord sit in chengdu. Pang tong handed lu zheng a way, not a perfunctory, this kind of large-scale battle lu zheng did not participate in, and in case there is any error, who is not easy to explain."This...... "Meng da shook his head, some disdain in the heart, looking at liu zhang road:" the Lord know, why the champion hou will be loved by the people?

"Does the general mean there are fine works in the army?" Ford's face changed and he frowned at Chen."Back to jiangling! Chen to shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., Jiang Dongjun have prepared on the riverbank, and he brought jiangxia to ambush Jiang Dongjun water-forces, carry are strong GongJin crossbows, whereas the other is fully equipped, and war is not to the director, Chen in this kind of invasion in a disadvantage, unless he is willing to risk the cost of massive casualties rushed up to hard with each other, as long as on shore, Chen to self-confidence, can fight our way out, but that makes no sense, ashore, even before his military forces have to collapse.Chapter 89 rehabilitation甘孜州刘华|




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