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a9极品慢摇|五征农用三轮车价格"Rumble ~""Since there is a law to follow, will be handled according to law, I am to let qiang people naturalization, but did not want to let qiang people run on the neck of the han people. Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, sink a track: "since it is under me, qiang han Chinese are the same, then life department according to the market price, the other provisions of the price, let the buyer and the seller has a scale to measure, the businessman also don't jump from the circle, the qiang people is wrong, but cause upon these businessmen, to make the compensation in the qiang people.""If your men don't die, I'll kill them!" Lv lingqi turned his head and took a look at the hesitating Yin wei. "you have no way out. If you let these xianbei people leave alive, we can leave at leisure.

"The end is near." Gao shun stepped forward.Nod, lv bu way: "next talk another message, yuan cao went to war.""Fragrant son." Lv lingqi wen yan smug smile, on the side of a female soldier nodded.a9极品慢摇|Wolf qiang general instinct agreed, this kind of chaos, they need a leader, led them to resist, d in this time, with the attitude of salvation is subconsciously as a hope, many generals began yelling hello their military forces to assembly, along with d, constantly calling their command at the same time, in our brothers in arms, just for a moment of time, d behind the army had more than three thousand people, have a plenty of warrior Wolf qiang, there is a Wolf qiang qiang people robbed the horse up and fight together.

a9极品慢摇|< / p > < p > wang sighed, he knew that his mind, not to deceive lu bu, this, probably is the punishment of lu bu, early know so, should have handed over the right in the hand."Is qin hu that gang of people?" After kicking a few feet, gas shun not a few, each king of tu yi buttock sits on the chair, twist a head to ask.Is not the illusion do not know, but yuan shao is very uncomfortable, coupled with guo tu and others fan the flames, said that the heart of ju yi has no minister, was eventually angry yuan shao ordered people to kill it, annex its part, but later it was confirmed that the rebellion of the ju yi thing is pure rumor.

"The Lord at the end." Gao shun retreat back to camp, to see lu bu.The little boy flapped his wings and tried to fly, but his feet were fixed on the shelf. However, he could not help it. Lv bu felt a little pity in the eyes of the other party."Know is lv bu, you also dare to go out of the city dozen! ?" King tu looked at tanu strangely.a9极品慢摇|




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