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生产pta的上市公司赵长龙"No more?" Seibel dazed, took the sword sent by his men, sink a track: "you go to the city to collect straw, pounce on the wall stamp, collect the arrows from the enemy, and let the men put some grass people, think suspect.""Mr Wen He smiled, this is a little girl, there is a han named Yang Xi, Xi Er, this Mr Wen He is the top of the han Chinese wise man, that year is to have him mention a point, just have me white water qiang today, also don't visit." Yang Wang laughed.Want to say that with these years of operation in the west cool, really saved a lot of money, the west cool population (han Chinese) but five hundred thousand, but with the merger of marten, calculate the ministries of qiang, forces are close to two hundred thousand, although this large-scale to attack, but the rear garrison forces are also numerous.

Killing continues, with more and more soldiers killed in the battle, two members of the general finally in this moment, the cold blade hit a dazzling spark, the violent anti-shock force on their horses, overburdened horses issued a scream, screaming backwards."Wenhou forgive me, you can only take two people with you, others must wait outside Yuanmen. The woman has a crisp voice."White water qiang the most beautiful woman, should not be too bad. Lyu3 bu4 also laughed, in fact, as long as it is not too obstructive, who is not important.生产pta的上市公司MiaoShang even have a kind of impulse to immediately pack up and walk away, stay, I'm afraid to be zhong yao and lyu3 bu4 so scared to scare to death.

生产pta的上市公司"Lyu3 bu4 how many people?" Roughly listened to each other's explanation, d frown way, first break Mei county, burning granaries, and back to the ambush, array chop hou don't say, the twenty thousand west cool army is not clay pinched."Father is in danger." D looked to the distance, his face gloomy way: "In recent days Jincheng military forces secretly mobilized, although its meaning is unknown, but Korea hence the old thief will be ill-intentioned, invited his father to dinner at the moment, I'm afraid banquet no good banquet!""What's the condition of Tiedi's injury?" D twist a head, originally bright eyes, covered with blood, looking at the immediate healer.

"Zhou cang general, you this is..." Wei Yan looked at zhou cang behind, vast people, asked doubtfully."It makes me wonder." D smell speech don't care to smile.What the hell happened? To make such a big difference to a rash man?生产pta的上市公司




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