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苍老师作品|河北省图书馆首页"Although you two people have not been appointed, but since you are willing to serve our army, today you two people each get a horse, to be CAI MAO army situation frustrated, kill out of the city, with the camp wei yan army will CAI MAO back. Gao shunshen voice way: "this war can't leave hand."Lyu3 bu4 ran, suddenly heard the wind from behind, hand painting ji back China days to find out, will each other to long live, move in the heart, the day painting ji, with small branches hang long live, also ignore lu xiang yuan tan in the direction of the target suddenly to party day painting ji, was stuck on branchlets roaring out of the pike, left behind it a trail in the air.< / p > < p > the second wave of soldiers have also been under the cover of gao shun, successfully landed again, this time the soldiers did not go ashore, under the command of gao shun, constantly to the yuan army with a bow and arrow to the rear pouring arrows, a piece of the yuan army in no shelter, in crowded was taken away from the sky in the arrow cluster.

Don't doubt lyu3 bu4 determination, in fact, sit down, has already spread in zhang ye, when riots, lyu3 bu4 but direct command cioffi offering up the butcher's knife, ten days, killing nearly fifty thousand slaves, in fact, was involved in the riots is not even a chengdu, but also it is, therefore, makes the slave soldiers while ferocity lyu3 bu4 under the help, but to take the ferociousness in lyu3 bu4 can control the scope of, otherwise, lyu3 bu4 also I can't put this fifty thousand slave soldiers into battle, there is no constraint of slave soldiers, for zhongyuan people, would be a disaster."What is this? Lu xun learns the appearance of Yang fu, gather up iron bucket to go up to the eye, look to the athletic field below, can not help exclaim 1, separate clearly far away, however as if be in the left near watch general."The Lord come quickly, tube general not line!" Lu fang looked up, see lv bu blunt come over, hurriedly loudly way.苍老师作品|"But as the general said, the way of heaven is capricious. Why should the general go against it?" Zuo ci shook his head and sighed.

苍老师作品|"That depends on how it works." With a smile, lv bu shouted to the outside, "bring them up.""Butch ride, charge!" Cao chun held the lance high with trembling hands."Don't panic! Li dian took a deep breath and shouted: "as long as we are not disorderly, they will take us out of the way. Archers are ready!"

Guan yu eyes the color of a bit surprised, although only one hand, has been tried, but his art of using saber is dacheng, the knife appears to be concise, but if a big coincidence, never block, an unusual military commanders in the sight of young while retaining reluctantly, but successfully blocked the he slay one knife, look at that young age is not big, early twenties, in the heart can not help but looming large, in addition to this child, lyu3 bu4 under someday will be one more valiant soldier."The general has just come, should be a good treat, but the general has some family matters to deal with, by the magnificent sea and shi yuan took the general out for a walk, enjoy chang 'an customs. Lu bu smiled.苍老师作品|




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