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刘源最新消息加拿大v6"Yes." Fang Yun is MiaoShang strong arm, usually many things are not to hide from him, this matter naturally know, the present 1510, will know the matter of their own bamboo said again like beans.Compared with Huaili's fierce attack and defense, Maoling and martial arts compared to a lot of mix."Adult effect, my general long admire tso and adult's name for a long time, just have no door to see." Li bract hurriedly hand way.

"Beigong, what else do you have to say?" Yang looked at the north palace, sneer at 1.This battle is thankless, won no good, lost all the blame in the master, and charge forward, also have to let his horses in front, the worst casualties are also him, hou elected workers do not contribute, this line of battle is almost all by the people he brought in.Only a pity, look around the world, who dare to say can live in lyu3 bu4 town? Cao cao understand this truth, so in history, after captured lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 killed, as for d, liu bei although accept, and rank shu five tiger general, but his life is on guard, and finally depressed.刘源最新消息Xu Rongwen, can not help but sigh, looked at the side of the north palace from: "The general is prepared to deal with the north palace from?"

刘源最新消息Three stuffy ring is sounded almost at the same time, three xiongnu warriors ear bowstring sound, is trying to escape, chest is a cool, chest has been more than an arrow."Yes." Addis mercilessly stared at the giffin, sullen promised, with the men escorted the giffin away."No chicken, no dog!"

"Kill!" And ignored the other two xiongnu general, lyu3 bu4 by red hare fast, quickly out of battle, toward the direction of the flag to continue to charge."D!?" Liang Xing heard the sound and came to see d instantaneous eyes shrink, then sneer at 1, looked at d way: "d, into the king defeated kou, now marten is dead, marten a family is not, if you are smart, you should take your group of defeated soldiers, roll out of the west cool! Instead of come here to die!""Master, it seems to attack burn when the old camp, just d off, the real purpose, always is us!" Cheng Gongying looked at Li Kan solemnly: "D with how many people?"刘源最新消息




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