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龚玥菲新金甁梅强的松价格Be deceived anger, fear of lyu3 bu4, in this moment, all by these people transferred to wang yong and dead patronage."Let's go," we said as we walked. "I'm afraid Eldest Brother is already in a hurry." Step root can't help but say, pulled up lyu3 bu4 and walked toward the outside of the account.Lyu3 bu4 army appeared here, that doesn't represent the wild goose gate has fallen? Although know lyu3 bu4 fierce, but zhang he how to say is hebei province, more in the hands of thirty thousand troops, how long is this?

Xu togeher glazed on the spot, Incredible look to lombardi, These words, in this day and age, Almost has been in say xu togeher sellers honor, For a famous man, It can be said that every sentence is over the heart, Xu togeher is a famous man after all, How can you stand such an insult, A pull out his sword across his neck, pitifully looked at lombardi: "ha ha, waste my life xu togeher to help you achieve great things, but ended up like this, harsh words, lack of vertical and plot, today, with a cavity of my blood to wash away the innocence, please put my head on YuanMen, pour to see how you were defeated by cao cao!""I mean, even if I help you kill Kuitou, why do you sit on the throne, you think xianbei people will recognize a woman as their king?" Lyu3 bu4 helplessly looked at the woman, IQ?龚玥菲新金甁梅"Don't worry, we won't move your three hundred people, and we'll send you three thousand people as your part. As for these women, they belong to you. We won't ask you what you want to do, and we'll give them a piece of land near the King's Court."

龚玥菲新金甁梅Chapter fourteen tiger power"Tomorrow will leave, lu girl there …" Mention Addis, zhao yun only feel throat a infarction, finally bitter way: "hope scholar yuan treat me goodbye, forgive cloud without saying goodbye."

Lin Rong, Lyu3 bu4 office, and did not know the exact progress of the battle of Guandu, But also have similar means of lyu3 bu4 is also sensed the change of heaven and earth, From linrong government office out, look to the sky, but see the south gas transport chaos, lombardi gas transport is still huge, but has been scattered, on the contrary is a little farther gas transport has ascended to heaven dragon, lyu3 bu4 all over the gas transport also automatically generated response, pseudo dragon gas constantly conveyed a dangerous signal to lyu3 bu4.Cao cao hurriedly took xu togeher by the hand and said, "only enough for this month.""Master rest assured, sentence suddenly remember!" Sentence suddenly bowed down.龚玥菲新金甁梅




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