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考达拉平台|mp3货源"Ah, at such a young age, so arrogant and arrogant!" Ma disdain sneer at a way."I had already seen them when I arrived, and Ling Ming was talking about the trenches outside the city, wasn't he?" Wei nodded and sat on the throne, he and blanc have seen the crisscross trenches outside the city of nanyang.Growing up in different environments, There are also different ways of thinking, If lyu3 bu4 is here, Knowing someone was planning a rebellion, I'm afraid I'll just sit here with Damascus Golden Blade, Although Lu Zheng also killed people, On the battlefield, but usually is the object of protection, there is no lyu3 bu4 so much experience, nature can't be like lyu3 bu4 even know the danger, can still be in the center of the storm, although looks very bold, but once lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 forces, is absolutely a devastating blow.

Things are also like many people imagine, lv meng in the sun quan command, with tardif, jiang qin, zhou tai, zhu ran and other jiangdong people all the way, liu bei in preparation, and lost jiangxia elite, almost lost in a row."Dead!" Zhang fei some incredible, that sand mo ke ability he knows, and he fought, also can support a 40 or 50, wei martial arts is good, but zhang fei estimates that the most also with sand mo ke between bozhong, how can be so quickly killed by wei?Zhuge Liang entered Shu to open up a rear area for Liu Bei, not to drag him to his death.考达拉平台|"Here!"

考达拉平台|Doubt zhuge liang taught zhang fei another way, shield array, no matter how he changed, shield around, and then stabbed in with weapons, simple rough but effective, of course, if there is enough troops."Sir, there is a messenger from jingzhou outside the city, please go to the front of the order." Pang tong is studying the terrain, deng xian hurried to pang tong bow way."Fujimori shield light, but tough unusual, but can report the shield effect to the master, to the army." For dianjiang situation, pang tong didn't have too much worry, as zhuge liang worried, pang tong after looking at the surrounding terrain, the conclusion is similar, stormed, even if hundreds of troops, the other side just need to keep the pass, pang tong also can't.

Guan yu sword sink horse fast, a knife cut out, often let a person feel between heaven and earth only that a long knife, and tardif martial arts, crescent ji sharp rotation, with a fluffy ji cloud, don't fall the wind.The battle array of the Guanzhong Army was formed through several years of continuous training and practical training, some of them resemble Li Jing 's Six Flowers in the early Tang Dynasty, But different, li jing's six-flower array is based on cavalry, and guanzhong battle array may not be as subtle as six-flower array, is cavalry, infantry are appropriate, but does not represent invincible, the reason for dealing with jingzhou army can destroy, in addition to the quality of the soldiers themselves, in addition to the gap, the more important is weapons, armor, can win more.Looking back at the crowd, Lv Zheng shook his head and sighed: "Zheng gave you the opportunity, Huang Quan, Wang Lei a few adults have never participated in this matter, desire, resentment who come? Zheng is young, but at this time you show the IQ want to hide from me, ha ha..."考达拉平台|




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