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np高辣疯狂被强|丰挺汤多少钱"In addition to me, who can thousands of miles to war, to break the huns?" Lyu3 bu4 stuffy hum a track.Hundreds of zhangs distance, can clearly feel the pressure brought about by the thousands of troops, lyu3 bu4 on horseback stood in front of the army, emitting a terrible chance to kill, is the face of thousands of troops also happy not afraid, this momentum, also bring endless confidence to the soldiers around.I hope so!

Ignoring the departure from the north palace, lyu3 bu4 looked at giffin and said, "where are the men of broken qiang?""You can't take them away, they want to kill me broken qiang qiang people, must die!" A broken qiang hao shuai stood up, dissatisfied with the way."Why?" Lyu3 bu4 puzzled.np高辣疯狂被强|ChengGongYing nodded: "master rest assured, general liang xing has bought a member of marten generals, general liang xing's forces, even at this time has breached the right gansu, d die, west cool will no longer constrain, then master can bully west cool, bully guanzhong, into the world, sit and see kanto governors battle, back can also protect themselves, ceded to the king."

np高辣疯狂被强|"General." Lieutenant walked up to wei, whispered."Die!" Wei yan eyes flashed a wisp of cold awn, knife potential suddenly changed before the stability, the wind blew out three knives, a knife more powerful than a knife, finally in the last knife will cao peng's sword, in the desperate roar of cao peng, hand knife fall, a knife will cao peng's head cut off.The early morning sun through the gap in the tent sprinkled in, lyu3 bu4 refreshingly stretched out a lazy waist, looking at the bed has woken up on the woman, hey however a smile, stretched out his hand will be tied to her body bondage removed, the woman is quite some flavor.

"Jia has a plan to show my sincerity without ruin that strength of our army," laughed the countrys gaze."The general waited until he was angry." Coppage smiled and said, "I know the general loyalty, would rather die than surrender, but if the general died, liu bei's two wives became tsao gong captive, even if tsao gong not embarrassed, but also will not have much care, in the future to xuchang, two wives alone, general have thought about the situation of the two wives in the future?"A small school face expressionless looking at the huns struggling out of the fire, behind him, five hundred already bow and arrow soldiers will bow string to complete.np高辣疯狂被强|




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