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机战l隐藏要素|首帮育发液"General, retreat! If you go on fighting, all these brothers will be gone." A general with a broken arm found Pound, Ma Dai and D under the support of his men, who were patrolling the camp. without a hint of blood on his face, with a touch of pain and despair: "I'm from Jincheng with master all the way to call, Eight thousand jincheng soldiers, stay here, now less than one thousand, was we a few with them to follow the tetrarch, now Han De walked, the other brothers, now live just a few of us, jincheng to eight thousand people, to now, even eight hundred is not enough, how do you let me explain to their families! ? "Revenge is not important, it is important to let the han army leave as soon as possible!A few people looked at each other, followed by XiongKuoHai to ShuaiZhang direction, marotta will not actively meddle in military affairs, but everyone knows that the strategist, in the camp, has a very transcendent position, even d such a wild Ao, now to marotta is also respectful.

"Master, the moon people have assembled." Hande came up and bowed down.Ho Yi Ho Man Brothers is not very capable, But there is a strength, then male broad sea cast lyu3 bu4, two people see male broad sea martial arts, and make is also a cooked copper stick, no less with male broad sea, martial arts under the guidance of male broad sea is also advancing rapidly, now a stick, a large jun was smashed up, fierce momentum, directly will break the morale of jun pressure down....机战l隐藏要素|

机战l隐藏要素|King?Lyu3 bu4 look at the giffin, with a little to explore the color, giffin smiled and stood, not taboo lyu3 bu4's eyes."Count your losses!" Seibel strong support almost take off the body, expressionless face also took a little tired, three days and three nights, west cool army repeatedly attack, soldiers can rotate, but he as the three main, but can't rest.

Giffin naturally know what lyu3 bu4 is meaning, smiled and said: "but after cioffi, the rest are white water qiang warriors guarded up.""Your excellency, you go first, and I will break it!" Seeing the army surging behind, troops began to chaos, zhong yao although fierce, but after all is not a general, marching is not in line, with He Man with the ambush, troops immediately appeared chaos, accompanied by the general immediately let zhong yao with the army to withdraw, his stay after the break.MiaoShang only feel chest a jam, oneself want to have the ability, also don't want to pretend to harm lyu3 bu4 through the way.机战l隐藏要素|




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